Software Development for your Business

What to expect from a discovery call

A direct face-to-tace meeting with the president & founder, Christopher Hobbick and owner of Xcitech Technologies, Hirak Chhatabar
On this call we will discover whether our services are a strong fit for you. That way, if you go further in this process with us, you will know it is time well spent. If we see that our services are not a great fit for you, we will be upfront about it so we both save time.
Web 3.0 Development
We are entering a new digital era known as Web 3.0. While the whole world is still figuring out what shape this is going to take there is some features which are going to define Web 3.0. Get your business ahead of the curve.
Mobile App Development

More people use their phones than there computers. We live in an “App World” and if you have an existing business there is a good chance an app would benefit you. If you have that great idea, let us transform your idea into a real app. Building an app is harder than it looks. Do it the right way and get in contact for a free consultation.

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Video VR 360° Production
360° video provides a unique and immersive virtual reality experience. Retail, travel, tourism, and real estate are industries which benefit from this type of video. In the finsihed video the user is free to look around the entire scene without the need of a VR headset and can view the content on your website, facebook and youtube.
Web & E-Commerce Development
Does your business online presence need a facelift? Or does it need to be torn down and rebuilt? Or do you need to build a new site where your customers can purchase your products online?
How can we avoid failure? This simple exercise below helps everyone stay on the same page
List a few websites with design elements you love and hate.
Machine Learning Models
A file that has been trained to recognize certain types of patterns. You train a model over a set of data, providing it an algorithm that it can use to reason over and learn from those data.
UI/UX Design
A UX Designer is focused on all aspects of a product’s development, including design, usability, function and even branding and marketing. Their work touches the entire end-to-end journey of a user’s interaction with a procuct, and includes identifying new opportunities for the prouct and business.